MPA Group CEO Jane Dyball to step down

Jane Dyball

The Music Publishers Association (MPA) Group of companies has announced today that Jane Dyball will be stepping down as their CEO in the new year.

During her time as CEO, Dyball has overseen the reinvigoration of the MPA Group’s service to its members including the development of new licensing schemes at Printed Music Licensing Ltd (PMLL).

She was has also been responsible for steering Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society (MCPS) through its first few years as a standalone business.

Throughout her remaining months in the position, Dyball has committed to seeing through the review of MCPS’s membership agreement and strategic licensing.

Dyball’s announcement comes after serving as CEO for 4 years and bringing the MPA’s group of companies together under one roof.

Representing the full range of the UK’s music publishing sector, the MPA Group acts on behalf of over 200 members from the UK’s largest music publishers to independent and start-up companies.

Speaking of her departure, Dyball said: ‘It’s always hard to know when to leave because there is always more to do, and these companies have a really great future. However, I have either completed or set in motion everything on the ‘to do’ list that I wrote on my first day and it seemed the right time to move on.

It has been challenging but rewarding and I have loved working with such a great team – both within the Group but also among our members and partners. I’m really grateful to the Boards and members who I have tried my best to represent for letting me have this opportunity.’

Jackie Alway, MPA chair said: ‘Jane has been a force for good at the MPA for the last 4 years, driving innovation and positive change. The MPA Group of companies has been brought together and rendered streamlined and efficient. The MPA itself is now a dynamic organisation staffed by a talented and hardworking team achieving great things’

The MPA Group is made up of three different companies working within the music industry, the Music Publishers Association, Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society and Printed Music Licensing Ltd.

Collectively the MPA Group works to safeguard and protect the interests of its members, facilitate the licensing of musical works and deliver value back to the composers and writers they represent.

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