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Interview: Nadine Shah

Nadine Shah is a new artist who writes music steeped in both mood and melancholy. M quizzed her ahead of her recent Almost Famous gig on songwriting and giving Ed Sheeran career advice…

Interview: Little Night Terrors

Leicester trio Little Night Terrors bear an uncanny resemblance to early era Duran Duran and take their inspiration from Hunter S Thompson books and the obsolete cassette tape format. Here they reveal the secret to their most raucous live shows and explain their favourite sounds.

In session: Nadine Shah

The music of emerging talent Nadine Shah is steeped in melancholy and romance, echoing the murder ballads of Nick Cave or the brooding passion of PJ Harvey. Watch her phenomenal performance of forthcoming song Dreary Town for the Almost Famous showcase last week.

SXSW interview: Luke Sital-Singh

We first introduced Luke Sital-Singh to you back in 2012, just before he played at June's Almost Famous showcase. Luke has come a long way since then and has been funded by British Music Abroad to go and play at SXSW.

Interview: Coves

To date, Coves have only produced one EP, but their own brand of ethereal dream pop seems to have the attention of the industry and fans alike. We decided to catch up with the trio to learn how they did it and find out about Andy's love for The Matrix soundtrack...

Interview: Grass House

Grass House are a ragtag four-piece with music to match. Find out about their love of obscure Japanese artform Wabi-Sabi as they reveal what makes them tick.

Live session: Grass House

Grass House combine Americana with darkly poetic lyrics and good old fashioned rock n’ roll swagger. Watch the London based quartet perform current single The Boredom Rose at the Almost Famous showcase.

Live session: Coves

John Rigard and Beck Wood make music that's one part C86 indie, two parts pop. They combine jangly guitars and boy-girl vocals to create the perfect mix for radio. Watch them perform Cast a Shadow at the 229 Club in London.

Almost Famous in pictures

Check out our picture gallery from the last Almost Famous showcase with Allman Brown, Grass House, Coves and Jenn D.