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JazzUK to host #4Jazz Festival

The newly launched JazzUK is hold its first ever #4Jazz Festival in Coventry with the likes of Julian Arguelles and Courtney Pine performing.

How to be a great jazz musician

To celebrate this year’s London Jazz Festival we asked many of the scene’s key players and influencers for their advice on how to make it as a jazz musician in 2014...

Interview: Chris Sharkey

Jazz and thrash metal may sound like two different worlds but experimental guitarist Chris Sharkey is doing his best to bring them together. We spoke to the Leeds-based musician on his involvement in Take 5 and how to survive as a jazz artist who doesn’t call London home…

Interview: Arun Ghosh

‘Indo-jazz’ maybe a genre which possibly has you reaching for the dictionary but British-Asian clarinettist Arun Ghosh is the UK’s most radical exponent of the sound. His music fuses Indian folk music, dub, traditional jazz with an upbringing in the north of England. In our interview Arun told us more about how jazz has been saved from becoming a ‘period piece’…

New jazz generation

We discover a new breed of British jazz artists doing their bit to blow away outdated stereotypes surrounding the genre