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Interview: Nikita Bassi

'When I’m singing, I feel my most relaxed, like I can just shut off the world': we get to know R&B, pop and world music mixologist, Nikita Bassi.

Featured artist: RINNGS

With silky-smooth vocals and percussion-focussed minimalism, London alt-pop duo RINNGS are making some of the most unique pop music out there.

Featured artist: No Violet

Bristol grunge outfit No Violet light a slow burning fuse and build to explosive crescendos of filthy guitars and hypnotic, exasperated vocals.

Interview: Nubya Garcia

Award-winning saxophonist and composer Nubya Garcia is at the heart of the UK’s resurgent jazz movement - we get her take...

Interview: Yazz Ahmed

'New listeners are drawn to the honesty and authenticity of jazz – it’s not fake and it’s not trying to sell you something': Yazz Ahmed on the growing appeal of the genre...