Interview: Joshua Burnside

'Procrastination is the mother of invention': Northern Irish Music Prize winner Joshua Burnside on how he crafts his songs, why production matters and how to tackle that tricky second album...

Featured artist: The Magic Gang

Beaming indie-pop four-piece The Magic Gang are conjuring up some fine sonic sorcery for 2017. Tune into their first single of the year to fall under their spell...

Interview: Amy Wadge

Amy Wadge spills the beans on her Grammy-winning Thinking Out Loud co-write with Ed Sheeran...

Featured artist: Kizzy Crawford

Kizzy is a fluent Welsh speaker with Bajan heritage, who's set her sights on bridging the gap between her distinct musical influences. Now signed to BDi, she's linked to the team that discovered Ed Sheeran.

Song camps: the publisher perspective

Song camps are becoming an increasingly popular way for publishers and groups of songwriters to get together and create songs tailored to a specific artist. But what happens after the songs are created? Bucks Music's Sarah Liversedge explains the next steps.