brian eno

Found sound: noise as art

More and more musicians are downing instruments in favour of capturing the natural noises outside their studio. We delve into their sonic world…

Interview: Belle Chen

'Through found sound, locations from around the globe have become my duetting partner,' Brian Eno-tipped newcomer Belle Chen on bending the rules of composition...

Playlist: Lady Vendredi

Cult music maker and artist Lady Vendredi is behind our latest playlist and is a wild, eclectic collection - dig into tracks from Brian Eno and The Fall...

Brian Eno to give John Peel Lecture

Brian Eno, experimental producer and one-time member of Roxy Music, will deliver the John Peel Lecture at the BBC Radio 6 Music and the Radio Festival 2015.

30 seconds interview: Man Without Country

Acclaimed electronic pair Man Without Country fuse classic pop with sleek synth-led productions. Imagine East India Youth duelling with Royksopp and you’ll come close to their musical core...

Brian Eno wins Giga Hertz award

Musical pioneer Brian Eno has been awarded the €10,000 (£7,929) Giga Hertz Prize for electronic music at the Imatronic Festival in Germany.

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