Playlist: Supersonic

This year the mighty Supersonic Festival celebrates its 15th anniversary. To celebrate we’ve handed over the playlist reins to Capsule founder and Supersonic organiser Lisa Meyer...

Interview: Pixx

‘I always think the most interesting melodies come from inside my lungs rather than the chords I play on guitar': Pixx lets us in on how she crafts her otherwordly pop.

Featured artist: Vanishing Twin

Vanishing Twin are a London-based leftfield supergroup beaming interplanetary pop and electronic exotica straight into the mainframe. Don't miss their upcoming live dates...

30 seconds interview: Lilies on Mars

Lilies on Mars are a London-based duo creating cosmic synth-pop that sounds like its being transmitted live from the red planet. Don't miss their kosmische-inspired new LP, co-produced by The Horrors' Tom Furse.

On my iPod: Galia Durant

Galia Durant is in electronica duo Psapp with Carim Clasmann. They create unique music from toys. Cosy in the Rocket is the main theme on the TV series Grey's Anatomy, and their songs have been used in hit TV shows The OC, Nip/Tuck and Sugar Rush. Third album The Camel's Back is out now.

Trish Keenan

Trish Keenan, Lead singer of influential psch-pop group Broadcast has died from pneumonia aged 42.