cerys matthews

Interview: Cerys Matthews

Cerys Matthews shares her thoughts on the state of UK jazz, her love for many musical flavours and her commitment to bringing new sounds to the radio...

BBC announces new music strategy

The BBC has unveiled a new music strategy focused on developing its digital offering, breaking more new artists and working more closely with PRS for Music Foundation to champion British music overseas.


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Comment: Cerys Matthews

Songwriter and broadcaster Cerys Matthews reveals how she would like to revitalise the music industry from within. She addresses the state of commissioning in the UK and asks what’s being done to promote music education in schools and fight online piracy.

Interview: Jason Yarde

Jazz composer and saxophonist Jason Yarde has garnered some unique praise for his work over the years. His cannon of original compositions and collaborations have consistently been met with cheers of ‘powerful’, ‘spiritual’, ‘formidable’ and even ‘hair-raising’...

Interview: Cerys Matthews

The singer-songwriter and broadcaster shares her views on singing skateboarders, musical ferries and clog dancers…