Interview: Adam Cooper, Sound and Music

‘Composers are often asked to undertake high profile work for free with prestigious companies because the firm in question argues it has no budget for music. What do you do in that situation?’ Adam Cooper, Sound and Music’s head of development, tackles some of your biggest questions...

BBC launches Year of Song and Dance

The BBC has launched the Year of Song and Dance, a season of cultural programming dedicated to celebrating music across a range of styles and eras.

DIY top five: tips for upcoming composers

Following on from our Free Range feature, which highlighted classical music’s leading trailblazers, we’ve produced a top five must-do list for every DIY composer looking for their big break.

Interview: Errollyn Wallen

Errollyn Wallen speaks frankly about her own experiences as a black female classical composer. Learn about her views on racism, classism and sexism in the industry, and hear the pearls of wisdom she’s gleaned from four decades as a creator at the cutting edge.

Inside BBC Music Publishing

Want to create world class music scores for BBC TV? We chat to Nicholas Baxter at the corporation's publishing arm to learn the best ways into the business.

Standing up for songwriters

Vick Bain, chief executive of BASCA, tells us why lobbying is crucial to ensure the rights of music creators are protected and championed.