factory floor

Featured artist: Gabe Gurnsey

Gabe Gurnsey is embracing humid house and throbbing, dancefloor-indebted post-pop for his first foray outside of industrial electronic noiseniks Factory Floor, and it's ace...

Playlist: L/F/D/M

Loves Flaccid Disco Muscle (L/F/D/M) is the moniker of errant London noisenik Richard Smith. To celebrate his new release of anarchic electronics, he talks us through his top tracks...

Interview: Tronik Youth

After ten years in dance music Tronik Youth is gearing up to release his debut LP - we get to grips with the new record and label Nein.

30 seconds interview: AK/DK

Brighton pair AK/DK offer a synth enhanced update of namesakes AC/DC but with extra drums. Debut LP SYNTHS + DRUMS + NOISE + SPACE captures a fiery sound Angus Young would be jealous of…

Women & machines

We tune in to electronic music’s great female pioneers to discover an exhilarating network of influence and innovation.

Interview: Tim Burgess

Solo artist and Charlatans front man Tim Burgess talks songwriting and why the music biz needs more ‘fun and chaos’