fatcat records

30 seconds interview: Knightstown

We chat to melancholic synth extraordinaire Knightstown, who draws out ethereal, emotive, dream-like electronics overflowing with harmony and pop savvy.

Interview: Dave Cawley, FCR

'We were incredibly blessed to have been part of the first wave of British electronica': FCR co-founder Dave Cawley on the dance music explosion and the thinking behind his new club-focused label...

Interview: Tall Ships

Brighton indie rockers Tall Ships have spent the last five years since their debut record on the musical high seas. Lead singer Ric Phethean lets us in on the highs and lows...

Featured artist: TRAAMS

Chichester post-punk trio TRAAMS create perfect three-minute anti-pop nuggets which channel the spirit of Television with the swagger of White Fence. Don't miss their bracing album Modern Dancing, out now on FatCat Records.