In session: Flamingods

Flamingods are four geographic drifters and globetrotting crate diggers who cook up spicy sounds deep with international influences. Watch them in action at PRS Presents...

Interview: Flamingods

‘We’re trying to move things forward and test out new musical landscapes’ - Flamingods on new music and being the buzz band of The Great Escape 2017…

10 tips for international touring success

When’s the right time for UK artists to grapple with international touring, where can you find the right support, and what should you consider before you set off? Let the experts guide you...

Interview: Flamingods

'We don’t feel we have a national identity': Flamingods on their global influences and loose approach to music-making...

Awesome Africa

As stereos across the UK ripple with the thrum of African rhythms, we chat to the artists who are reshaping our tastes.

Playlist: Glastonbury Festival 2015

To celebrate Glastonbury 2015 we’re bringing you a festival flavoured playlist of 11 tracks that finds Flamingods rubbing shoulders with Flying Lotus, and The Pop Group back to back with Ibeyi. Tuck in!

Featured artist: Flamingods

Outlandish carnival quintet Flamingods make music as flamboyant as their namesake – bringing a flash of colour and humid integrity to the capital’s music scene.