found sound

Interview: Cosmo Sheldrake

'My inspiration is the funny, peculiar and devastating situation we find ourselves in': experimental composer Cosmo Sheldrake on how our environmental calamity has shaped his ace debut LP...

Found sound: noise as art

More and more musicians are downing instruments in favour of capturing the natural noises outside their studio. We delve into their sonic world…

Interview: Mira Calix

'I was making rhythm sections from sticks and stones' - electronic innovator Mira Calix on the boundaries between music and sound...

Interview: Huw Bennett

Footloose innovator Huw Bennett is a bassist and producer whose work weaves in field recordings from Gambia. He tells us about his first LP, Susso, and what's in store for the 2018 reboot...

Interview: Belle Chen

'Through found sound, locations from around the globe have become my duetting partner,' Brian Eno-tipped newcomer Belle Chen on bending the rules of composition...

Interview: David Toop

'Found sounds and field recordings help us cross that gap we feel divides us from other creatures:' sonic innovator and Bjork-influencer David Toop on the music outside music...

30 seconds interview: Sephine Llo

Sephine Llo's debut LP I, Your Moon, is a deeply moving tribute to a young life cut short and a new life beginning, reflected through the otherworldly incantations of an artist in her stride.

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