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Interview: Hélène Muddiman

Multi-award-winning screen and pop composer Hélène Muddiman lets us in on the making of her latest score for Rita Osei's Brit teen flick Bliss!

Interview: Gary Numan

‘My Asperger’s is an absolute advantage': eighties electronic icon Gary Numan on what makes him tick, why he got rid of all his old analogue gear and what's in store for the new LP...

Cooking Vinyl auctions rare vinyl for charity

Cooking Vinyl has today launched the second wave of its charity record auction, with rare test pressings from Seth Lakeman, Billy Bragg, The Orb, Madness and Gary Numan all going under the hammer.

I Wrote That – Gary Numan, Are Friends Electric?

In 1979 Gary Numan recorded Are Friends Electric? with his band Tubeway Army on a shoestring, creating one of British pop’s finest moments and influencing a generation of musicians from Juan Atkins to Kanye West. Here, Gary remembers how the song came about...

In print: M50

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Interview: T.R.A.S.E

Engineer Andy Popplewell talks T.R.A.S.E, an LP he made as a teenager which still sounds like the future 30 years later...

Interview: Gary Numan

The synth-pop icon chats about the writing of his new album and how his low self esteem has come to define his sound...