gazelle twin

Interview: Gazelle Twin

‘I developed Gazelle Twin in response to feeling jaded and frustrated by the music industry': electronic ace Elizabeth Bernholz on the thinking behind her oblique alter ego...

Interview: Bishi

'I realised there is no real support for multifaceted female musicians who utilise technology, so I started a scene for us': music and tech wiz Bishi on her latest venture...

Featured artist: Anneka

Anneka’s vocal harmonies have graced heaps of great electronic records over recent years, but now she's venturing out into the limelight, armed with drumsticks, sample pads and her unique songwriting nous...

30 seconds interview: Great Pagans

Far from being barbaric heathens of pop, Great Pagans are an introspective quartet from Brighton who brim with sublime musical intellect. We speak with band leader Alex Painter to learn more...

Interview: Gazelle Twin

‘There’s the 20 year build, the point of saturation and then the inevitable rejection... And then the loop goes round again,’ says Elizabeth Walling, aka Gazelle Twin, as she ponders the future of electronic music, and her role within in.

Women & machines

We tune in to electronic music’s great female pioneers to discover an exhilarating network of influence and innovation.

30 seconds interview: Acquaintance

Acquaintance is the monikor of solo songwriter Chris Griffin, a new electronic producer who’s invoking classic Balearic synth lines and soft pop choruses to create a brand of cosmic disco that's bang up to date. Over recent months he’s done much to stretch his influence outside the home studio, co-founding the Anti-Ghost Moon Ray collective with kindred spirits Gazelle Twin, Great Pagans and Bernholz.