The Summer Festival diaries

PRS for Music has a presence at the summer festivals every year. As they are uniquely positioned to give an all-round perspective on these festivals, M has been asking the set list collectors to keep a diary of what they saw, heard and rocked out to. Read all the entries here.

Review – Glastonbury East Dance Tent

There's more to Glastonbury than the Pyramid stage, John Peel stage, and, er, the Other stage. PRS for Music set list collector Tony Lawrence spent a lot of the weekend hanging around the East Dance Tent and jotted down a few observations that he would like to share...

Glastonbury diaries

Dispatch from the front line, by Clare Worley, PRS for Music set list collector 2011: Joseph of Arimathea, King Arthur, The Wombles… Glastonbury has attracted a diverse group of travellers over the centuries, though the pilgrims’ purposes have changed quite a bit...