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Interview: David McGinnis, Mute Song

‘Everything we do is long term. We’re not building a company to sell. We’re not building a company for a public offering,’ Mute Song's David McGinnis on holding fast in 2018.

Playlist: Simon Ballard, Mute Song

Mute Song has been at the cutting edge of music publishing since 1982. Following a massive year for the company, licensing manager Simon Ballard shares some of the highlights from his roster...

Interview: Hannah Peel

Experimental singer songwriter Hannah Peel on how the disorientation of dementia inspired her forthcoming record and how her alter ego Mary Casio took flight...

Interview: Hannah Peel

Hannah Peel is as resourceful as she is eccentric: over the last four years she's built a career challenging the singer-songwriter status quo and collaborating with artists far outside her comfort zone. We learn more...

In session: Hannah Peel

TGE2014: Watch Hannah Peel's entrancing live performance at the Momentum Fund Showcase, The Great Escape, Brighton.

Featured artist: Hannah Peel

Northern Irish composer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Hannah Peel approaches music like Hunter S Thompson went about his storytelling; she seeks out immersive experiences for inspiration and lives in the songs she creates. The best example of this is Orkney: Symphony of The Magnetic North, her 2012 debut album with The Magnetic North – a loose group she formed with Simon Tong (The Verve, Gorillaz, The Good, The Bad & The Queen) and Erland Cooper (Erland & The Carnival).