Playlist: Soundtracks

Welcome to our latest M playlist. This week to mark the BBC’s Sound of Cinema season we’ve decided to choose our favourite Hollywood soundtracks. It also coincides with a run of interviews we’re featuring over the next few weeks with British film composers including Daniel Pemberton, Jon Hopkins and silent film soundtracker Neil Brand. Our selection includes choice cuts from some of the above as well classic cinematic moments from Inception, Midnight Cowboy, Twin Peaks and Paris, Texas.

How to score brass for film and TV

M hears from two of composers - Andrew Pearce and Matt Dunkley - on how to score and work with brass instruments when composing for the screen…

How to pitch music for Hollywood films and ads

Hollywood music supervisor Bobby Gumm’s has worked on music for the likes of The Dark Knight Rises and Anchorman 2. Ahead of his appearance at the next NARIP session, M heard about what he looks for when choosing music to sync…