30 Seconds Interview: Bryony Williams

Bryony Williams’ personal mantra ‘make audiences think twice about the female artists’ is just about the best introduction you can have to her and her music.

Featured artist: KAWALA

Kentish Town duo KAWALA are the musical equivalent of the beer garden pint when it’s 28 degrees outside and all your mates have the day off work.

Interview: Luxury Death

'I never want the "band" label to limit our freedom' - Ben from Luxury Death on blurring the boundaries between music and art...

30 seconds interview: The RPMs

The RPMs are back with Your Ghost – a soaring indie tune that has 'festival hit' written all over it. We get to know them ahead of their debut SXSW gigs...

Interview: Graceland

Drummer Maxie Gedge chats musical inspirations, Norwich's LGBTQ scene and why Norfolk is 'a very strange and creative place'...

Featured artist: Seazoo

Chock full of jaunty harmonies, wonky keys and melodic riffs to sink your teeth into, Welsh wizards Seazoo are brewing up a delightfully poppy racket that's getting loads of radio love.

30 seconds interview: Mr Yolk

Smoother than velvet and laced with soft psychedelia, Mr Yolk is what hazy dancing-after-dark should sound like. Designer and songwriter Samuel Jones tells us more...