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Interview: Marcus Hamblett

‘I find it very easy to be critical of my own music, but when a musician I trust adds something to it I almost always love their contribution and can start to see my music in a different light’: Marcus Hamblett discusses he rewards of collaboration.

Featured artist: Howes

Salford soloist Howes is bringing mystery and wonder back to electronic music via the medium of late eighties’ Eastern European synth technology. Don't miss his debut album out this week...

Interview: Floating Points

'Groove is not something that’s academic – you can’t just learn it': Floating Points on his ongoing musical evolution...

Awesome Africa

As stereos across the UK ripple with the thrum of African rhythms, we chat to the artists who are reshaping our tastes.

Interview: Findlay Brown

'I found new age music and started going to shamanic ceremonies': Findlay Brown chats about the making of his new LP

Interview: Luke Abbott

'For some people, the word "analogue" seems to equate directly to the idea of credibility, which it really doesn’t'...

30 Seconds interview: Vessels

Many bands claim to be influenced by electronic music but Leeds post-rocker Vessels genuinely sound as if they were born by a late night liaison between a computer and their guitars. The music, perhaps best heard on new single Elliptic, is a taut balance of rave pulses and post-rock prog outs, as much Kompakt Records as noisy industrialists Swans. The band’s latest EP, featuring by a Modeselektor cover, is due for release on 25 November.