josienne clarke

Featured artist: PicaPica

Brand new Rough Trade signing PicaPica is the brainchild of lucid singer-songwriters Samantha Whates and Josienne Clarke, whose Appalachian-tinged acoustics are spiked with radiating harmonies.

Review: Cambridge Folk Festival 2015

Cambridge Folk Festival, which began in 1965 as the folk revival was in full swing, has successfully weathered the UK’s capricious appetite for roots music to remain as strong as ever, reports PRS for Music's Michael Hingston.

Playlist: Neil Pearson, EFDSS

Welcome to this week’s playlist, curated by Neil Pearson from the English Folk Dance and Song Society. Neil’s selection includes choice folk acts Eliza Carthy, The Full English, Maz O'Connor and Nic Jones…

Playlist: Tastemakers Tips 2015

Want to know who’s tipped for big things in 2015? From the stealthy promise of Denai Moore to the out-and-out pop of Years & Years, you’ll hear six of the best young hopefuls predicted to make a splash.

In session: Samantha Whates

The music of Scottish-born Samantha Whates has as much in common with the leftfield melodies of Scandinavian musicians Olaf Arnalds and Sindri Már Sigfússon as it does the urban folk songs of her London peers. She seamlessly marries tradition with innovation, bringing a timeless quality to her sparse acoustic music. Watch her perform Granny's House at Regent's Park on a sunny afternoon.

Featured artist: Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker

Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker are the green shoots growing from the very top of the English folk family tree. They sit comfortably on the shoulders of giants, grasping the basic tenet that folk music is not born from the studio but is passed down organically through the generations. Though influenced by the likes of Richard and Linda Thompson, Shirley Collins and Bert Jansch, their new album reveals the ambition of two musicians eager to cut their own path.