mary anne hobbs

Featured artist: Anneka

Anneka’s vocal harmonies have graced heaps of great electronic records over recent years, but now she's venturing out into the limelight, armed with drumsticks, sample pads and her unique songwriting nous...

M meets: No Ceremony///

After a string of edgy songs popped up on the internet and fuelled a media feeding frenzy, we thought it was high time we pinned down the UK’s most mysterious new band No Ceremony/// to find out more.

Brutal bass

The brutal bass of dubstep has been tickling ribcages since the genre’s humble beginnings in Croydon circa 2001. It hasn’t had much of an impact on the charts though – until now. David Smyth charts the rise of the UK’s trendiest new dance phenomenon, led by a troupe of enigmatic producers and songwriters.…