matthew whiteside

New call for scores opens

Composer, curator and programmer Matthew Whiteside is seeking new scores from emerging composers looking to have their work premiered at his The Night With… concert series.

Interview: Timothy Cooper

Ahead of his brass/electronic premiere for Matthew Whiteside's The Night With... concert series, composer and performer Timothy Cooper lets us in on his influences and what to expect from the show...

Interview: Nina Whiteman

Nina Whiteman is an innovative composer whose creative spark is derived from unusual stimuli. We catch up with her to find up what's in store for her premiere in Scotland next week...

Interview: Ailie Robertson

‘I’m far more moved by authenticity than originality': composer Ailie Robertson on the musical past and present of Scotland.

Interview: Matthew Whiteside

Matthew Whiteside is a cerebral composer and sound designer who’s creating classical-crossover works to challenge the 21st century consensus. We learn more about his broad creative brush and his most recent work with flautist Carla Rees…