Playlist: Movember

This week we’re celebrating all the guys who are growing mos for Movember. Here at M Towers, we are watching with bated breath as the top lips slowly darken on three of our brethren. And, with some elaborate tash shapes already starting to make their presence felt, we’ve decided to look to the pop and rock world for some hairy inspiration. You'll find top tunes from Nick Cave, Andrew Weatherall, Giorgio Moroder, Motorhead, Frank Zappa and more...

Bravo Brasil!

Brazil and the UK don’t have too many things in common, sitting as they do on opposite sides of the equator; one a huge landmass in the tropics, the other a small temperate island in the North Sea. But one thing they share is an incredible ability to create music so vital that it has spread its influence across the globe.

The Bloodstock diaries

Bloodstock Festival claims to be a festival ‘By the fans, for the fans’, but it really is so much more than that, discovers PRS for Music set list collector Gareth Kelly.

Songs That Sell

Welcome to the world of syncs, music imaging and sonic branding– a constantly shifting universe of buzzwords and ad-speak. Gordon Masson sifts through the jargon to discover what the evolving ‘sync’ business can offer songwriters and publishers in 2011.