Call for UK music envoys to Japan

Industry body UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) has teamed up with the Music Publishers Association and BPI for the eighth annual trade mission to Japan, and is inviting applicants to join the party. The trade mission will provide attendees with direct insight into the world’s second largest music market and will offer UK businesses the opportunity to formally present their repertoire to key decision-makers in Tokyo.…

Stephen Navin on The Hargreaves Review

The Hargreaves Review, which was announced by Mr Cameron back in November whilst on a visit to the east end of London (and which has become famous because of his introductory remark: 'the founders of Google have said they could never have started their company in Britain') required that responses to the call for evidence be made to Professor Hargreaves and his team by the 4th of March.

That’s Rich

Ellis Rich is stepping down after six years’ service leading the PRS board. Charlotte Otter reviews the long and distinguished career of one of the industry’s well loved figures.