PRS for Music Showcase at SongFest

PRS for Music presents our SongFest Showcase, a night showcasing the best new acts in the music industry. Line-up: Ollie Wride, A Genuine Freakshow and Lou Brown.


From the page to the stage, Songfest is the event to help young talent carve out a career in music.

Meet the Panellists for SongFest Panel 3

Tales from the Transit A worldwide stadium tour is something that many a musician dream of.  However, when you’re in a cramped transit van that smells like left over hamburgers and the drummer’s feet, tours can seem like just too much effort for little return.  …

Vote for the best Scottish live music venue

PRS For Music has teamed up with lifestyle website The List to find the very best music venues Scotland has to offer. It doesn’t matter what kind of music you love, classical, rock, indie, world or jazz, the live experience is what really brings music to life.…

Music Technology Now and in the Future

The annual Institute of Engineering and Technology’s lecture in the past has covered such topics as the future of gaming and downloading TV programs legally. This year the lecture by Professor David Howard is on music technology. The late 20th Century saw the technology used to create and produce music pass into the hands of those who were previously passive consumers.…