Palma Violets

Interview: Gently Tender

Meet Gently Tender, a reluctantly proclaimed indie-supergroup full of scrappy melancholy and psychedelic sensibilities from the ashes of Palma Violets.

Featured Artist: Gently Tender

After the demise of Palma Violets, new project Gently Tender emerges with scrappy, melancholic indie-punk energy underpinned by psychedelic sensibilities.

30 seconds interview: Dark Bells

With 2013 shaping up to be a particularly good vintage for garage-rock, Dark Bells are sure to go down as one of the corkers that set the bar high. In May the trio unleashed Wildflower, their psychedelic ear worm of a debut single, which saw Tenneil, Ash and Simon unashamedly throwing Kevin Shields guitar shapes and layering Lush-like vocals onto four minutes of perfect C86 pop. With second single Want due soon we caught up with them to find out more...