Polar Bear

Sound Effect: Mammal Hands

Welcome to this week's playlist, curated by the brilliantly named Mammal Hands. Dig into an eclectic selection from the jazz trio including The Band, Polar Bear and John Coltrane...

Featured artist: Josephine Oniyama

Manchester’s soulful chanteuse Josephine Oniyama was brought up on a rich musical diet of everything from Joni Mitchell to Motown to Fela Kuti, and it shows.

Interview: The Invisible

The Invisible are known as a Mercury Music Prize nominated guitar pop act but their roots lie in jazz and far out musical experimentation. We quizzed bass player Tom Herbert, who also moonlights with Polar Bear, on why jazz is an intrinsic part of the Invisible’s musical DNA…

Playlist: Pete Wareham

Melt Yourself Down is the newest musical outfit from saxophonist Pete Wareham. It’s his latest project to flick two fingers at the traditional jazz template and reinvent it with a wild energy few others tap into. Pete looks to the sounds of North Africa to inspire his incendiary deconstruction of the genre. If you're intrigued as to which artists have informed the Melt Yourself Down debut album, then you need to check out his exclusive playlist for M…

Interview: Pete Wareham

We quiz Melt Yourself Down’s Pete Wareham on how he’s revitalising jazz via a love for Diplo and Nubian sounds