30 seconds interview: TYNI

We chat to Sheffield’s homegrown pop princess TYNI, who crafts sugary-sweet, kaleidoscopic, future-pop with some of the best in the industry.

Featured artist: TYNI

TYNI's glittering, intoxicating future-pop and unique shiny style make her a sensational antidote to tired music tropes and bland pop personas.

Featured artist: PLYA

Just three singles in and with stacks of praise already, PLYA (pronounced 'playa', the Spanish for beach) are going places with their dark and dreamy electronic pop...

Interview: Graceland

Drummer Maxie Gedge chats musical inspirations, Norwich's LGBTQ scene and why Norfolk is 'a very strange and creative place'...

Featured artist: Seazoo

Chock full of jaunty harmonies, wonky keys and melodic riffs to sink your teeth into, Welsh wizards Seazoo are brewing up a delightfully poppy racket that's getting loads of radio love.

30 Seconds Interview: Whenyoung

Channeling the ferocity of the Pixies and the sonic atmospherics of Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Whenyoung perfectly encapsulate the giddiness of young abandon. Meet the Irish pop punks here...