protest songs

Playlist: Shake the Chains

Our latest playlist, from Shake the Chains musician Greg Russell, celebrates the power of the protest song - listen to Elvis Costello, The Impressions and The Specials.

Interview: Duke Garwood

‘Unless rock stars make music that is doing some good in the world then it’s an absurd and preposterous thing to be:' bluesy raconteur and switched-on thinker Duke Garwood on songcraft in 2017...

Interview: Andy Scott

With over 30 years’ musical experience, Andy Scott is a key player in the worlds of British classical music and jazz. We quizzed him on his British Composer Award nominated piece, A Child Like You…

Playlist: Stop the War Coalition

Welcome to this week’s playlist, curated by the Stop the War Coalition. The organisation has campaigned tirelessly to end conflict – their selection includes the Farm, Wu-Tang Clan and Captain SKA.

30 seconds interview: Thunder on the Left

London trio Thunder on the Left a small band with a large sound. Describing themselves as a ‘political girl-fronted heavy rock band fucked off with everything’, they’re gearing up to take 2016 with their riotous music.

Fight the power

After a year of political turmoil, a refugee crisis and increasing unrest in the Middle East, music makers are once again using their art to challenge the status quo. Jim Ottewill finds out how…