Playlist: Psapp

Psapp are renowned for their eclectic approach to music-making, with influences as diverse as minimal electronica and trad jazz peeking out among their carnival of sounds. To commemorate the band’s welcome return after a five-year absence, we caught up with vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Galia Durrant to find out what she’s been listening to lately. So what you waiting for? Tune in to enter the fantastical world of Psapp…

Featured artist: Psapp

Very few bands are able to paint a complete picture using only music. Psapp are one of them. Their sound is instantly enveloping, inviting you to strain to hear every clatter and revel in every whoosh. Like an audible scrapbook, they meticulously gather secret thoughts and private sound recordings, embellishing them on record with homemade instruments and vintage organs. This week marks their welcome return after a five-year hiatus.

Friday Playlist: Movies

This week we're listening to our favourite hits from the movies, so you'll find some classic Bond themes, Orbital, Roxy Music, Blur, Psapp, David Bowie and more. Enjoy!

On my iPod: Galia Durant

Galia Durant is in electronica duo Psapp with Carim Clasmann. They create unique music from toys. Cosy in the Rocket is the main theme on the TV series Grey's Anatomy, and their songs have been used in hit TV shows The OC, Nip/Tuck and Sugar Rush. Third album The Camel's Back is out now.