psych fest

Interview: Hookworms

'This one is much faster and louder!' Leeds five-piece Hookworms give us an update on their eagerly awaited second album

In session: The KVB

Dark electronic indie outfit The KVB are a welcome antithesis to the glut of advert-friendly twee-pop that continues to soundtrack daytime radio, mobile phone commercials and US independent romcoms. Their gloomy sound combines krautrock grooves with intense feedback and washed out vocals. We caught up with them at the recent Liverpool Psych Fest to watch them deliver a bone-crushing performance of their track Leanings.

30 seconds interview: Dark Bells

With 2013 shaping up to be a particularly good vintage for garage-rock, Dark Bells are sure to go down as one of the corkers that set the bar high. In May the trio unleashed Wildflower, their psychedelic ear worm of a debut single, which saw Tenneil, Ash and Simon unashamedly throwing Kevin Shields guitar shapes and layering Lush-like vocals onto four minutes of perfect C86 pop. With second single Want due soon we caught up with them to find out more...

In session: Mo Kolours

Anglo-Mauritian pop-experimentalist Mo Kolours is famed for his otherworldly productions and dubbed-out vocal hallucinations. Through a painstaking commitment to beat-making, he builds spacious structures on which to peg airy melodies and reverb-heavy percussion. Like US dub revivalist Sun Araw, he's big on collaborations and is devoted to enhancing the live element of his sound. We caught up with him at Liverpool Psych Fest to record his performance.

Interview: Sonic Boom

We chat to the gatekeeper of modern psychedelic music about collaborations, cuttlefish and Cloudland Canyon...

Interview: Mo Kolours

Across a triology of EPs, Peckham’s Mo Kolours has stitched together a melee of sounds to create a psychedelic tapestry that’s tantalisingly tricky to pigeonhole. His lush palette puts flipped-out dub at its heart, with the roominess of Studio One’s former glories appearing to blink back to life.

Review: Psych Fest

We travelled north to sample the delights of the Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia

Playlist: Psych Fest

This weekend, Liverpool will become a mecca for fans of the weird and warped, as The International Festival of Psychedelia brings a smorgasbord of experimental psych, electronic and drone acts to various venues around the city. To celebrate we’ve dedicated our weekly playlist to some of the weekend’s most exciting acts. Tune in now for a mind-melting selection of tracks by Spectrum, Mugstar, Moon Duo, The Oscillation and Mo Kolours, plus some unexpected remixes and more.