TOY to headline Club Attitude 2015

Brighton psych-rock quintet TOY will headline Club Attitude, an annual event highlighting the need to improve access to venues for deaf and disabled fans.

30 seconds interview: Half Loon

London quintet Half Loon swaggered onto the burgeoning British psych scene late last September with their spinning debut single Swearword – a heady paean to Californian freakbeat and all-out guitary weirdness. Follow-up Reverie, which is due 2 February through RIP Records, promises another off-kilter experience and is sure to set the agenda for a trippy 2014...

In session: The Oscillation

Damien Castellanos, founder and front face of London trio The Oscillation, has been furthering Britain’s krautrock cause for the best part of a decade. His trademark guitar sound is clearly wedded to the motorik musings of German pioneers Neu! and Can, and is always underpinned by exacting rhythms and fragmented vocals akin to the seventies stalwarts. We recorded the trio play a live version of All You Want To Be at their new album launch party.

Interview: Hookworms

'This one is much faster and louder!' Leeds five-piece Hookworms give us an update on their eagerly awaited second album

Interview: Sonic Boom

We chat to the gatekeeper of modern psychedelic music about collaborations, cuttlefish and Cloudland Canyon...

Interview: Mo Kolours

Across a triology of EPs, Peckham’s Mo Kolours has stitched together a melee of sounds to create a psychedelic tapestry that’s tantalisingly tricky to pigeonhole. His lush palette puts flipped-out dub at its heart, with the roominess of Studio One’s former glories appearing to blink back to life.

Review: Psych Fest

We travelled north to sample the delights of the Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia

30 Seconds Interview: Temple Songs

What would happen if The Beatles, Ty Segall and Wavves were melted down and forged into one almighty supergroup? The resulting psychedelic hybrid might sound a lot like rising Manchester four-piece Temple Songs. NME has already compared their music to the early work of Blur, and perhaps rightfully so - there's definitely a touch of acid-tinged baggy in there somewhere. In July they unleashed Passed Caring, their debut single on RIP Records. Noisy in all the right places, its overriding scuzzy sixties aesthetic comes at you like a long lost Nuggets classic.