30 seconds interview: Birdsong

Feral punk-rock trio Birdsong have grabbed the '30 seconds' reins. Hear them answer 11 Qs about their musical gene-pool and how becoming the world’s third biggest economy could be on the cards…

Featured artist: Table Scraps

Birmingham's Table Scraps are giving guitar music a shot in the arm with their feedback fuelled punk. Check out Debut LP More Time for Strangers, a 35-minute slap in the face of a record…

30 seconds interview: Charles Howl

Cornershop-endorsed Charles Howl are masters of driving guitars and pummelling melodies. Part Ride, part The Ramones, their brand of kitsch and cosmic punk is as catchy as it is chaotic.

Featured artist: Slaves

Like Black Keys meets Sleaford Mods, Slaves channel the distinct swagger of US alt-rock with the hearty pessimism of English suburbia. With just two members, they deliver a racket way beyond their means...

Interview: Sleaford Mods

We meet Sleaford Mods, an aggressive, proto-punk duo who don’t so much as wear their hearts on their sleeves as ram them down your throat.