Playlist: Sensoria Festival

This week we leave our playlist to the eclectic tastemaking talents of Jo Wingate and Nigel Humberstone, the organisers behind Sheffield’s Sensoria Festival.

30 seconds interview: TYNI

We chat to Sheffield’s homegrown pop princess TYNI, who crafts sugary-sweet, kaleidoscopic, future-pop with some of the best in the industry.

Featured artist: TYNI

TYNI's glittering, intoxicating future-pop and unique shiny style make her a sensational antidote to tired music tropes and bland pop personas.

Interview: Richard H Kirk

'I'm not so ruled by technology': Cabaret Voltaire's Richard H Kirk on 40 years at the electronic coalface and why raw ideas always trump new advances in studio tech...

Interview: Martyn Ware

‘I’ve never had any ambition to be Rick Wakeman and own a 1,000 keyboards’ - Heaven 17 and BEF’s Martyn Ware on 35 years as an electronic soul rebel…

30 seconds interview: Blood Sport

Afro-beat skronk merchants Blood Sport have made a name for themselves on the edges of Sheffield’s avant scene, blending serrated sonic edges with tightly wound rhythms. We meet a group dancing on the outskirts…