New Music Monday

The second month of the decade is here and already proving itself worthy in the form of these five triumphant new tunes.

Interview: Trash Kit

‘It’s a bold move to try and get a room of people to shut up and listen to you,’ says Trash Kit’s Rachel Aggs.

Interview: Shopping

'There’s no traditional venue space that is quite the same as when a community-led initiative happens' – Shopping chat DIY spaces and their new album...

In print: M66

IDLES // Mental health // Found Sound // David Toop // Belle Chen // John Harle // // The Spook School // Shopping // Ezra Furman // Television Personalities // Blue Planet II

Playlist: Dream Nails

The London grunge gang let us in on the bands that have fuelled their raucous sound. Expect loads of punk-rock and Riot Grrrl from The Julie Ruin, Bleached, Sacred Paws, The Slits and more...

In session: Shopping

Spiky post-punk trio Shopping level their retro leanings with a sparse post-millennial bedroom pop sound that makes them as relevant in the age of austerity as they would’ve been in Thatcher’s Britain. Don't miss this live session...

Featured artist: LAPS

LAPS make the sort of metronomic bedroom funk that coaxes your lazy carcass off the sofa and down to your local subversive nightspot. Their debut EP Ladies As Pimps is probably the best thing we've heard this year...

30 seconds interview: Shopping

East London trio Shopping have perfected a tight, thrifty brand of post-punk that goes down a storm live, winning them happy customers from Bradford to Berlin...