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Playlist: The Oscillation

We’ve handed over the reins of this week’s playlist to Demian Castellanos, ringleader of cosmic psych trio The Oscillation. He reveals the tracks that helped shape their new LP...

Interview: Sterling Roswell

‘My new single is about how Barrack Obama keeps Dave Cameron’s brain alive in a jar of nutrient jelly’ - psychedelic adventurer Sterling Roswell takes us on a trip around the outer reaches of his musical cosmos…

Interview: Richard Formby

The veteran producer chats about how digital perfectionism is replacing analogue anomalies and human error in music...

Women & machines

We tune in to electronic music’s great female pioneers to discover an exhilarating network of influence and innovation.

Interview: Sonic Boom

We chat to the gatekeeper of modern psychedelic music about collaborations, cuttlefish and Cloudland Canyon...

Review: Psych Fest

We travelled north to sample the delights of the Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia

Playlist: Psych Fest

This weekend, Liverpool will become a mecca for fans of the weird and warped, as The International Festival of Psychedelia brings a smorgasbord of experimental psych, electronic and drone acts to various venues around the city. To celebrate we’ve dedicated our weekly playlist to some of the weekend’s most exciting acts. Tune in now for a mind-melting selection of tracks by Spectrum, Mugstar, Moon Duo, The Oscillation and Mo Kolours, plus some unexpected remixes and more.