stealing sheep

Drummer or percussionist? Perform with Stealing Sheep

Calling all female drummers and percussionists from Liverpool and Merseyside: Brighter Sound and Stealing Sheep are looking for musicians to take part in a one-off five day residency and public performance. Find out how to apply here...

Interview: Stealing Sheep

‘We’re into destroying things to make something new’ - we delve into Stealing Sheep’s music to discover how they’re bleating the competition…

Playlist: Eat Your Own Ears

Eat Your Own Ears have been helping London’s gig goers get their fix of the best new music for more than a decade. With a packed gig diary already in place for 2015, we find out the acts they're most excited about this year...

Featured artist: All We Are

Liverpudlian trio All We Are like to get straight to the point with their succinct pop and high pitched harmonies. Like ‘The Bee Gees on diazapam’ – their words, not ours – the band bring a universal understanding of classic pop to the murky world of melancholic indie that grabs you in a big warm seventies-tinged embrace. Together, the globe-trotting trio subvert the chart-friendly disco template into something much looser and weirder.

Win tickets to In The Woods Festival

In The Woods Festival is holding a raffle in aid of the Brain Tumour Trust. Find out how you can win music prizes, including tickets to next year's event.