M launches Publisher Sync Review

Welcome to the first of a new series of Sync Reviews - a slot to showcase notable publisher music placements across TV, film, trailers and more.

30 Seconds interview: To Be Frank

To Be Frank is Frank Pescod, a multi-instrumentalist, producer and singer from Suffolk who takes his own approach to making dark and epic pop songs as heard on his debut EP Nothing. His great grandfather was the composer Michel Bergson while he's already had successful a career in writing for sync before turning his hand to pop. M finds out more about this intriguing character and what music means to him…

Think sync: writing for the small screen

Adverts for hundreds of products grace our TV screens each day, and a lot of them boast music that’s been written to order. While the sync market may be lucrative for composers, it’s also renowned for being highly competitive. Learn how to make your mark with this top industry advice.

How to pitch music for Hollywood films and ads

Hollywood music supervisor Bobby Gumm’s has worked on music for the likes of The Dark Knight Rises and Anchorman 2. Ahead of his appearance at the next NARIP session, M heard about what he looks for when choosing music to sync…

Hollywood music supervisor shares top sync tips

Hollywood music supervisor Toddrick Spalding was in London last week to advise publishers on the best ways to pitch music. We went along to get his top tips on making your mark in the LA sync industry.