synth pop

Featured artist: Grumbling Fur

Meet Grumbling Fur - an innovative London duo channelling the psychedelic discordia of Spacemen 3 and the early dystopia of Depeche Mode.

30 seconds interview: M+A

Meet M+A - an electro-pop duo proving there are many more angles to this ubiquitous musical strand than cold synths, icy vocals and over-zealous reverb...

Interview: Chvrches

We find Chvrches in a chatty mood backstage at Glastonbury Festival, revealing the soundtrack to their tour bus parties and explaining how they keep a cool head on stage while everyone around them is going bananas…

30 seconds interview: Woman’s Hour

Woman’s Hour are a four-piece who pair heart-on-sleeve lyrics with synth-pop soundscapes. Now signed to Secretly Canadian, they are preparing for the release of their anticipated debut album.

Featured artist: Woman’s Hour

Unlike their Radio 4 namesake, Woman’s Hour are more concerned with creating pristine synth-pop than discussing the current state of feminism in the UK.

Featured artist: Eyedress

Twenty-three year old Filipino Idris Vicuña, aka Eyedress, makes ghostly synth-pop that belies its humble origins in a Manila bedroom. A perfect soundtrack to the witching hour...

I Wrote That – Gary Numan, Are Friends Electric?

In 1979 Gary Numan recorded Are Friends Electric? with his band Tubeway Army on a shoestring, creating one of British pop’s finest moments and influencing a generation of musicians from Juan Atkins to Kanye West. Here, Gary remembers how the song came about...

Interview: Gary Numan

The synth-pop icon chats about the writing of his new album and how his low self esteem has come to define his sound...