Interview: Church Andrews

'Most music we are used to hearing is in the standard Western 12-note tuning, so it’s exciting to discover new harmonies': electronic wizz Church Andrews on his syncopated sound...

Interview: Matthew Collin

'Despite the globalisation, dance music is still a mixture of disparate movements and tribes whose members are fierce believers': Rave On author Matthew Collin on global electronics in 2018

Interview: Beatrice Dillon

'To perform your own music overseas is a total honour, to do what you love somewhere new, and be welcomed, is amazing': UK techno producer Beatrice Dillon on crossing international boundaries...

Interview: SIREN

London based all-girl techno collective SIREN are on a mission to shake up the dance scene and create safer spaces for women, non-binary and LGBTQ people to party.

Playlist: Gabby Gunn

Gabby Gunn is an eclectic selector whose innovative mixing skills have been tapped by DJ Mag for its Accelerator programme. Get embroiled in her potent mix of house, techno and acid...

Playlist: Vivid Glow

Vivid Glow's Chloe Alice Frieda and DEBONAIR dig deep into their record bag to pick out current faves and all-time classics. Wrap your ears around their warm electronic nuggets...

Interview: Kaleida

'This is our own voice, nobody has interfered with it': the switched-on synth-pop duo on making their debut LP and navigating the music industry for the first time...

Playlist: Meat Free

Manchester's Meat Free gals tell us what they're spinning, ahead of their next big night on 6 October. Expect a proper mash-up of sounds, from Omar Souleyman to Tin Man, Sarin to L-R...

Interview: Dave Cawley, FCR

'We were incredibly blessed to have been part of the first wave of British electronica': FCR co-founder Dave Cawley on the dance music explosion and the thinking behind his new club-focused label...

30 seconds interview: Guy Andrews

We grab a few moments with composer-producer Guy Andrews to learn about his new LP Tåke, which arcs through pulsating techno, sinister post-rock and glacial ambience.

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