The Invisible

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Featured artist: Rosie Lowe

Devon born, now London-based artist Rosie Lowe mixes up classic soul with touches of future R&B and electronics. Watch out for her debut LP Control on Paul Epworth’s Wolf Tone label…

Interview: Eska

‘I wanted to reclaim this childlike innocence’ - songwriter Eska tells us how she had to re-discover herself to shape her other-worldly debut LP…

30 Seconds interview: Hejira

Hackney act Hejira are the latest musical innovators to be unearthed by Matthew Herbert’s dividing rod. This group met in London but have musical heritages stretching back to Chile, Hungary, Ethiopia and Germany. It’s the diversity of their backgrounds which part explains the exploratory sounds of their debut album Prayer Before Birth, a record which touches on prog, folk, jazz and orchestral pop. The album is out now on Accidental Records.

Interview: The Invisible

The Invisible are known as a Mercury Music Prize nominated guitar pop act but their roots lie in jazz and far out musical experimentation. We quizzed bass player Tom Herbert, who also moonlights with Polar Bear, on why jazz is an intrinsic part of the Invisible’s musical DNA…