top of the pops

Picture This – The Shamen

Twenty-five years after its release, Mr C digs out this snap and recalls how The Shamen came up with the chart-topping banger Ebeneezer Goode...

I Wrote That: Bros – When Will I be Famous

Nicky Graham is the award-winning songwriter, musician and producer behind multi-platinum-selling eighties pop trio Bros. Here, he tells us the story behind their track When Will I Be Famous...

What happened to live music on TV?

Mark Cooper, Head of Music Entertainment at the BBC, says he often get asked about Top of the Pops. Will he bring back the weekly series? Why did he pull it? Read his comment on music programming.

M meets… Graham Fellows

PLAYING IT FOR LAUGHS: These days comedy songwriter Graham Fellows is best known for his cranky alter ego John Shuttleworth, a Casio keyboard-wielding balladeer from south Yorkshire. But it wasn’t always that way; Graham had a Top 10 hit in the 70s with punk pastiche Jilted John, released an album of ‘serious music’ in the 80s and is a trained actor.