Bernard Butler on songwriting

‘Being isolated and doing something in a very lonely way, I don’t knock that at all. But I’m just trying to encourage what could happen if you cross that bridge and interact with people,’ says Bernard Butler.

Sound Effect: Fifi Rong

Fifi Rong takes her musical cues from R&B, classic pop, out-there electronics and her Chinese heritage. On our recent Soho Radio show, we asked her to pick the songs that have soundtracked her life...

Featured artist: Francesca Belmonte

Francesca Belmonte is a singer whose rich, velvety voice will already be familiar to many – she’s been collaborating with Tricky since 2008. Her new solo track, Stole, is a well-rested hunk of deep, dark soul...

Feature: Bristol Cream

Jim Ottewill investigates Bristol’s music scene to uncover the source of the city’s creative pulse.