Women in Music

Interview: Mira Calix

Electronic artist Mira Calix explains why she expanded from her home studio to explore new genres & artistic platforms

Interview: Paulette Long

The PRS Deputy Chairman talks to M about how she first got into the industry, offers advice to those wishing to build a career in music and reveals her favourite upcoming artists and songwriters.

Interview: Adrienne Aiken

Adrienne Aiken is songwriter and producer with more than 20 years experience in the business of making music. Here she speaks to M about her career and offers some insights into the UK music business.

Interview: Helienne Lindvall

The songwriter, musician and newspaper columnist reveals the female songwriter she's most inspired by and offers tips for other women aspiring to make a career in music.

Women in music – Paulette Long calls for change

Although there doesn’t seem to be any shortage of female artists pressing their way into the music industry, as soon as you move along the chain to look at songwriters, the picture changes to show a more testosterone filled image.