Friday Playlist: The Heatwave

The HeatwaveIf you’re into dancehall, then it’s more than likely you’ll be familiar with The Heatwave. This three man bashment crew, led by Gabriel Heatwave, has been transmitting positive vibrations across the world for the last ten years through a hi-octane blend of modern and classic Jamaican sounds. As they say, ‘you know this music and sound already: it’s the culture that grime, jungle and UK garage grew from’.

The Heatwave regularly cause chaos on the airwaves via their Rinse FM show, their weekly Hot Wuk party and of course now infamous appearances at Notting Hill carnival.

We’re as pleased as (rum) punch that they found the time in their hectic schedule to put this exclusive playlist together for us. In their words…

‘Here’s our Spotify list of music by acts appearing alongside us on the Bass Culture Clash tour. Each of these artists represent Jamaican bass music in their own ways.’

Find out more about the tour here

Have a listen to the M playlist below…