Playlist: Bambooman


Yorkshire-born music-maker Kirk Barley is behind Bambooman, an esoteric alter-ego whose organic electronics have found a home on Matthew Herbert’s Accidental Records.

Across a slew of EPs and one ace album, Kirk has inhabited a space somewhere between the mechanical wizz and burr of The Boats and the gently pulsating electronics of Warp-era IDM.

His love of found sound and his innate understanding of that sweet spot between the dancefloor and the leftfield obviously makes him a perfect labelmate for Herbert and his merry band of off-kilter sound sculptors.

But Kirk is also adept at dishing out stripped back techno in the same experimental gene-pool as Beatrice Dillon and SND. We recently caught up with him, under his Church Andrews monikor, to learn more about that strand.

With an outing as Bambooman this weekend, presiding over a bespoke sound installation at Nocturnal Creatures Festival in London, we pick his brains to learn what sounds are firing him up at the moment…