Playlist: Bestival Invaders of the Future


From legends of rock n roll to the best band you’ve never heard of, Bestival is the epitome of eclecticism.

Now with added future focus, the festival is fast building a reputation for unearthing some of tomorrow’s biggest talents.

This weekend’s Invaders of the Future stage plays host to Chastity Belt, Honeyblood, M Featured Artist of the Week Tom Walker, Chelou, Pete Kosanovich, M faves Graceland and TRAAMS, to namedrop just a few!

Here, Bestival’s Stevie Gedge lets us in on some of the ace new acts she’s most stoked to catch this weekend…

Blaenavon – Let’s Pray 
Saw them at Common People and they are incredible live. Proper indie singalong sweaty vibes. This is a banger.

Honeyblood – Babes Never Die
Anthemic. Scottish female duo, total babes.

Agoria – Up All Night
He did a Bestimix for us recently and I’m addicted to it! Amazing melodic disco tunes.

Chastity Belt – Don’t Worry
I love the nonchalant approach CB take to songs – it’s so cool. This track combines a perfect droning guitar line in verses with an uplifting chorus. I like to listen to this when I’m walking to work, good pace – slow!

HMLTD – To The Door
I love the off kilter tempo of this track and the way it seems to be two tracks melded into one – no pop-by-numbers songwriting here. Apparently their live show is incredible, can’t wait to see it this weekend. I defy anyone not to pretend to be a wild running horse when hearing this track!

Alice Jemima – Electric
She’s on our sister label Sunday Best so I’m a little biased here but Alice’s demeanour on stage is very endearing for such an amazing song writer. Electric is everything you want from a pop song. Hooky, satisfying and emotive – love it.

TRAAMS – A House of Fire
A eight minute epic! Traams at their best. That bass!

LEECHES – Inside Voices
These won our Invaders of the Future night in Bournemouth to get a set at Bestival. They put on a hell of a show – great mix of garage punk and psych.

IDLES – Mother
In your face, off kilter. Amazing.

Graceland – Flyway
Can’t do this without picking my own band! Am I allowed to do that? I don’t care – Flyway is an awesome tune even if I say so myself!

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