Playlist: Carnival with Busspepper

Busspepper Bacchanal Friday

This week on the M Playlist we’re celebrating Notting Hill Carnival courtesy of Busspepper, who take us to the Caribbean with the best soca tracks they’ll be spinning over the weekend.

As the organisers of some of the hottest Caribbean club nights in the capital, Busspepper are something of an authority on the genre, and taking their name from a cooking term given to when a whole scotch bonnet bursts in a pot of stew – we expect this to be pretty hot.

Tonight (August 24th) Busspepper kick off Notting Hill Carnival with Bacchanal Friday, the inaugural Caribbean club night of the weekend at Electric Brixton.

But before all the excitement, take a listen to their top soca picks and get a glimpse of what you’ll be partying to over the weekend.


Splinters – Shal Marshal

One of the most energetic songs for Trinidad Carnival 2018, a definite crowd favourite.

Soca Kingdom – Machel Montano, Super Blue

The official road March (song most played at stages/costume judging points) of Trinidad Carnival 2018.

Hello – Kes

The melodic masterpiece is a song everyone loves, soca fan or not!

Top Striker – Lil Natty, Thunda

The raw energy of this track sends the dance-floor into jumping frenzy.

Lit – Motto, Lyrikal

Lyrically this song explains how good the party is, promoting the good times to roll whenever it is played.

Year For Love – Voice

The positive lyrics and smooth voice of the singer can give anyone hope about today’s world.

Hulk – Blaxx

Uplifting and powerful, this song makes you feel muscly, 8 feet tall and green, in a FUN way!

Give It To Ya – Marzville

A great song for anyone on the pull!

O’Lawd Oye – Nailah Blackman

Embodying the roots of soca music (calypso) with a unique singing style. The Nikki Minaj of Soca.

Like It Like This – Patrice Roberts

A song for the ladies, groovy, fun and a little naughty.

Pick up tickets for Bacchanal Friday here.