Playlist: Pete Wareham

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Not too many western musicians look to the traditional sounds of Nubia for their inspiration. Or at least look there and transform this influence into something worth hearing.

But saxophonist Pete Wareham and his latest musical outfit Melt Yourself Down manage to use these artists as a spring board to help them boil up an energetic fusion of afrobeat, jazz and psychedelic sounds. It’s a music which loses none of the vitality of these North African originators.

Their self titled album, which is out this week on the Leaf Label, follows in the vein of Pete’s previous outfits Polar Bear and Acoustic Ladyland. It catches him fiddling with the very DNA of jazz and turning it into something which feels much more loud and dangerous.

Pete’s exclusive M playlist is a great starting point for anyone wanting to get to the bottom of Melt Yourself Down. It includes gems from the likes of Boody & Le1f, Setona and DJ Sliink & Bert on Beats. Read our interview with Pete and get educated below…